"Everyone needs a set of rules in their life":


----- Rules 1 to 9 can also be found on the main keyboard -----


1. When given the choice between action and inaction, choose the first.

2. Be ready for all, but fearfull of nothing.

3. What you "feel" is part emotion and part instinct, acknowledge the later.

4. In your life you will pas through many doors, with even more people. the one constant in this equation are you yourself!

5. As a rule, don't judge people. But if you must, judge them by the choices they make.

6. Try to perform one task each day, you didn't get to do the day before.

7. Sometimes, being right is not good enough.

8. Childish sollutions work the best, but getting them accepted is the trick.

9. Succes is a choice, literally.


----- More Rules -----


10. Selling something is making the other guy believe he is not getting cheated.

11. Every man has the holy right to fuckup his own life, just don't bother the rest of us with it!

12. Don't Bitch. Act or Accept!

15. When in doubt, Food, rest, comfort!

16. Never, ever, underestimate the chance of a un-favorable outcome!

24. If you're going to be rude, you better be Right!

25. Never enter a big city without small change. (Lille, nov'22)

26. Giving 110% is bad preperation, always keep a reserve

27. Learn to behave like an Adult, but Nurture your inner child.

28. There should be a proportionality to Responsability.

29. Don't drop, but park!



to be continued....